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Outdoor Entertainment: Pastimes to Keep Your Guests Entertained

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As you become older, it becomes harder to find entertaining ways to enjoy a birthday party. Generally, the focus during an adult birthday party would be having a drink with friends with some music then calling it a night. However, if you would like to make it memorable, consider taking this party out of town where you can enjoy the outdoors while still having some bonding time with your mates. To ensure you do not get bored, opt for a weekend away and enlist party hire services that can come up with an itinerary of activities that would keep you and your friends occupied while providing you with party supplies. Below is some outdoor entertainment you could consider when celebrating an adult birthday party out of town. Paintball This is a popular activity for everyone whether male or female. There are plenty of places to go paintballing if you are looking for all over Australia. The only thing to ensure is that the party hire company is informed in good time about your interest in this activity so that the paintballing venue is booked in advance. This will ensure that the venue can accommodate your entire party at once without people having to take turns when playing. White water rafting This is an especially great option for the adrenaline junkies. If the birthday man or woman likes activities that will get their heart racing, then this is one of the games that you would have to take part in. It should be noted though that white water rafting can only be done in select locations. Therefore, it would be prudent to ensure you plan your travel arrangements based on where you can go white water rafting. Rather than getting to the venue then deciding to look for a suitable location. Quad biking If you would like to explore the rambling landscapes of Australia as well as the stunning scenery, this would be a great option. Birthday party pastimes are supposed to offer the entire party a chance to have fun while spending quality time together. With quad biking, you could pack several frost cold lagers and take them with you to a serene location where you get to ride your bikes as well as just relax and enjoy the skittish atmosphere. The great thing about quad biking is if there are people who may not know how to drive the ATVs, they can always hitch a ride with more experienced drivers. This makes it a past time that will be inclusive to...

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How to Improve Your Tone: A Guide For Clarinetists

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There are few things as beautiful in this world as a clarinet being played well; if you are just starting out on a Buffet Clarinet R13 and hope to achieve the full, rich tone that make the pros sound so heavenly, read on for some tips on how exactly to achieve that. After all, it’s important to get it right from the start so that you don’t pick up any bad habits that need to be broken further along in your development as a player. Make sure you have the correct embouchure Having the correct embouchure when playing the clarinet is key if you want to achieve a rich tone. To check you’re getting it right, look in a mirror and do the following: Start with a relaxed jaw; this is crucial, as extra jaw pressure on your reed can constrict your sound. Take your lower lip and slightly roll it over your bottom teeth; the teeth should be covered and not come into contact with the reed, but at the same time don’t let too much bottom lip into your mouth or your reed will not be able to vibrate properly. Next, firm the corners of your mouth inward from the centre, and rest your top teeth directly on the mouthpiece. Close your mouth as if it’s a drawstring, making sure there is equal support on all sides of the reed. Your chin will naturally drop and be slightly pointed. Keep your top lip taut, which will open the back of your throat. Then fill the back of your throat with air and play a tone. Be sure to fill your instrument with air You’ll never have a gorgeous tone if your instrument is not filled sufficiently with air, and to do this you need to make sure that you are breathing deeply from your diaphragm. A good rule of thumb to remember is if your shoulders move when you breathe in, you’re not breathing correctly. When you breathe from your diaphragm, your stomach will rise and fall; that is when you know you’re doing it right. This kind of breathing leads to a reduction in pressure in the upper body, which allows for air to enter the lungs. Practice breathing from your diaphragm daily and you should really notice a difference in your tone. If you’re having trouble telling if you’re doing it properly, this guide designed for singers should help. Play long notes Playing long notes on your clarinet will not only help with tone quality, it will also help with breath control and help you develop a sense of whether you are playing in tune or not. For a few minutes each day, play long notes in all registers of your instrument and really pay attention to your sound. Pay special attention to the higher register, where the notes may sound a little shallow or weedy. With regular practice, even the higher notes should start to sound warm and more full. Take the development of your tone as seriously as you do your scales and arpeggios and you’ll be sounding like a pro in no...

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Creating a video that introduces your company

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A catchy video on your webpage that creates a great first impression of your company is great tool for your company to attract new customers, employees and investors. Here are some of the ingredients that make a good web video. It tells a story There are probably other companies that do the same job that your company does. So rather than dwell on what your company makes, or what services you offer, instead tell the story of what you make and why you make it. Ask a range of employees to appear in the video, including executives as well as the front line staff. This helps to elevate your story and provide a personal face to your business. If you don’t have professional marketing support in-house, consider getting a professional web video production company to help you formulate a script for the video with input from your staff. It’s practised While an impromptu session might seem fun and fresh, most impromptu style web videos are tightly practised and edited. Practising allows you to work on each person’s speech and style so that they look at ease and natural and allows them to practise so that the best take can be chosen for the final cut. It’s snappy While the history of your business may be interesting, your introduction video shouldn’t detail every step in the company’s history. Keep your introduction video short by sticking to the salient points, and consider having some extra short clips if you’d like to cover other interesting features of your company, including interesting innovations your company has been involved in or historical facts of interest. It’s of a high production quality With the advent of higher quality video production and the masses of content available online, consumers have grown used to high production quality. There is no excuse for poorly lit, grainy or hard-to-hear videos. Poor quality videos create a poor impression of your company and can put off clients or investors. A web production company can set up a studio or come into your offices to create a space that films well, as well as use professional editing to ensure that your audio is clear and the video flows easily. If you are looking to update the video on your company webpage, you should contact a professional web video production company like Tim Rowlands Productions to get a slick and easy-to-watch video that draws in your...

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Go-Kart Racing Tips for Beginners

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Go-Karts are small four-wheeled vehicles that are propelled by the force of gravity or engines. Go-Kart racing is a popular sport that is a joy to watch or take part in. This article discusses some useful tips that will help you to become a better Go-Kart driver. Take Advantage of Crucial Turns Not all turns on a Go-Kart track are equal. Some turns are more important in helping you to get a speed advantage over your fellow competitors if you capitalise on those turns. How can you identify the key turns? Key turns are those turns that lead onto a flat stretch where you can drive at full speed without any risk of losing control of the Go-Kart. Approach these corners slowly so that you get out of the bend in full control of the movement of your Go-Kart. This will enable you to hit the throttle (accelerator) just as you are getting out of the turn and you will build enough momentum to zoom past other racers who are struggling to gain control of their Go-Karts. Sit Straight You may be almost as heavy as the Go-Kart you are driving so your body posture has a strong bearing on how easy it is to handle your machine. Sitting straight allows your weight to be distributed evenly throughout the chassis of the Go-Kart so it will be easy for you to manoeuvre the Go-Kart as you race. Minimize Swerving Have you heard that the fastest land animal (the cheetah) is only stopped from reaching its potential top speed by the need to quickly manoeuvre in order to catch its prey? Swerving can also prevent you from driving as fast as you can since it reduces the momentum of the Go-Kart. It is therefore better for you to drive straight so that you can go faster than other drivers who are swerving on the track. Avoid Braking on Turns If you brake as you are taking a turn then you will increase the likelihood of the tyres losing traction on the track (over-steer). You can reduce speed by removing your foot from the accelerator as you approach the turn so that you accelerate as you are leaving the turn. Each Go-Kart track is different so you should first study the track so that you plan a racing strategy based on your observations. Go-Karts are also different (motor-less ones and super Go-Karts, for example). First begin with the basic ones (gravity racers) and gradually move on to more powerful ones as your skill and confidence level goes...

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Improve Your Mind, Mood, and Body with Dancing

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Dancing is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is it a great hobby in its own right, it also provides you with a chance to build your brain cells, uplift your mood, and sculpt your perfect body. Here’s how dancing can make your life better. Enhanced Brain Functioning The increased popularity of brain training games means that more and more people understand the benefits of keeping their brains healthy by engaging in mental activities. You might think that crosswords and reading would be the most beneficial exercises for your grey matter, but a recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated that dancing takes the top spot. They compared the rates of dementia over 21 years in a sample of senior citizens. Of all activities, frequent dancing provided the most beneficial results, with a 76% risk reduction rating. Dancing means using both body and brain simultaneously, which helps your cerebral cortex and hippocampus remain plastic. Essentially, it keeps you sharper for longer. A Lower Risk of Depression Frequent dancing doesn’t just mean that your brain will be smarter, it also means that you’ll enjoy a healthier outlook which is less likely to be marred by depression. For starters, dancing is a social activity which offers an enjoyable way for people to steadily improve their skills in a fun, nurturing environment. This in itself is great for your mental health, but there are more complex benefits lying beneath the surface. Because of the increased energy levels that go along with getting your dance on, your mind receives a constant rush of serotonin. This hormone affects your mood, appetite, sleep cycle, and even your sexual desire, so getting plenty means that you’ll be feeling on top of the world! The energy itself lasts throughout the day, so you won’t experience any anxiety-inducing crash when you get home. A Whole Body Workout Of course, anyone who has ever taken a dance class can tell you what an incredible workout it is, but it’s still worth reflecting on just how beneficial a simple session can be. Both fast-paced and fun, dancing is an excellent cardiovascular workout which improves the condition of your heart and lungs while also increasing your muscle strength, particularly in the core and legs. You’ll also learn to stretch each muscle properly—which helps to avoid any damage—and the relatively low impact action helps protect against osteoporosis while still building strong bones. Best of all, you’ll get all those benefits without having to step onto a boring exercise machine. Taking a few dance classes (at centres like H V T) isn’t just an entertaining treat, it’s the first step towards a healthier, more positive...

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Tips to Keep in Mind As You Prepare To Build Swimming Pool

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A pool is a very valuable addition to a home so many homeowners who have the space look forward to constructing one. Keep the following tips is mind as you prepare to have a pool constructed for you and you will have no regrets later. Avoid Analysis Paralysis Avoid getting too many quotes (for instance 15 quotes) from different pool contractors. The information will be so different that you will fail to make a decision because that deluge of information will confuse you. You can avoid this analysis paralysis by doing your homework about who the best contractors are in your area. Once you have identified them, get quotes from about five of them then select one to build your pool. Pay Close Attention to Pool Construction Mechanics Many homeowners pay more attention to esthetics and neglect the mechanical aspects of pool construction. The result is that their pool may be hard to clean or it may develop problems like cracks after a short time. It is important that you maintain a keen interest in the mechanical components (such as hydraulic design, chemical management, flow rates and pipe sizes) so that you ensure that the pool will function perfectly. You can get this information from the contractor or supplier of pool building supplies. Esthetics will be the icing on the cake once the mechanical aspects are well handled. Avoid Making Price the Deciding Factor of Any Decision Do not make your decisions basing on price alone, whether you are hiring a contractor or buying materials. The lowest price may not give you the best value while the highest price may not be a guarantee of quality. It is much better to gather as much information on a material or design before you decide on which way to go. In this way, your decisions will be guided by concrete information and your pool will be exactly what you wanted. No Season is the Best to Build a Pool Some people wait until winter to build their pool because they think it is off-season so contractors will be more affordable. While that may be true, any gains you make in that area may be offset by other factors such as shortages of concrete that cause its price to go up. It is therefore better for you to do your due diligence about selected contractors, then go ahead and construct the pool once you are satisfied with the quotation you get from that contractor. Follow the tips above as you build your pool (with contractors like Gold Coast Family Pools & Spas) and the process will go on smoothly without any...

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Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses & Why You Should Wear One

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Traditional Western-culture wedding dresses came into popularity after 1840 when Queen Victoria wore a traditional white, lacy wedding gown at her wedding. However, times have changed since 1840—although white wedding dresses are still common, it is not unusual for the bride to wear a less traditional style or colour. If the bride would like a non-traditional wedding dress, she can choose a dress more suited to display her individual tastes and personality. Shorter Styles Your wedding dress can have a modern cut and fit that suits your body and dress style; think knee-length or above the knee, or asymmetrical hems like knee-to-floor length or high-to-low length. Shorter style wedding dresses are also more convenient if having an outdoor or beach wedding; what bride wants to get dirt or sand on their wedding dress before they finish walking up the aisle? Also consider the upper-body section of the dress; traditionally women wore long sleeves as part of their wedding dress ensemble, but modern women may choose thin straps or strapless dresses. Your wedding dress may also be backless or have cut-out patterns over the shoulders and back. Colours While traditional Western wedding dresses are usually available in varying shades of white, in other cultures wedding dresses are often red to symbolise good luck. However the new bride may choose any colour she desires for her wedding dress. She may choose a colour that fits with the rest of the wedding colour scheme, or colours that accentuate the bride’s best features, such as blues to highlight the brides blue eyes. The bride may also choose a white wedding dress but with coloured features (for example, a large bow in the colour of the bridesmaid dresses). Budget This should not be the driving point for the bride’s dress choice, but brides should think realistically: who really wants to spend a few thousand dollars on a dress they will wear once? By choosing a non-traditional wedding dress, the bride may be able to wear her wedding dress for other formal occasions too. A white puffy traditional wedding dress can really only on the wedding day, but by choosing a dress that doesn’t look like a bridal gown, a non-traditional wedding dress will definitely be acceptable to wear at other formal outings. While weddings are traditional rituals in many cultures, the bride should feel free to dress as she pleases for the occasion. She should choose a dress that is meaningful to her (perhaps through colour symbolism) or that reflects her individual style. Check out your options through local experts such as Regalia Bridal &...

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How to Host a Spectacular Backyard Wedding

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If you have a spacious backyard, having your wedding ceremony at home is a lovely way to bring everyone together in a private setting. Here are some things to consider to make your day flawless. Hire a marquee and lawn chairs While the weather may be generally great at the time of year you have selected, a marquee and chairs means no one is standing outside in the blistering heat in formal wear, or ducking for cover from an unseasonal rain shower.That way you can also have traditional aisle to walk the bride down as well. Some cushions or bean bags for the kids is a good idea as well. Learn about your options by talking to various sources such as Penrith Party Hire. Plan your parking Your suburban street may not have parking for all your guests so plan how you can accomodate the extra cars. Check the restrictions on street parking around your area as well, as that may not be a possibility in some areas. Many of your guests will have been to your house before and will be used to parking nearby, so they will end up being very late if you cannot make alternate parking plans. Prep your neighbours Let your neighbours know that you are having a large function, so that they might expected a little more noise and congestion than normal. They will generally be very supportive if you engage with them early in the process. They may even offer some of their property for parking. Organise toilets If you will be having a large gathering, you may want to hire some portable toilets. Otherwise delegate some younger family members to usher and guest in the house to your normal toilets. Again marquee hire companies might know of some contacts that you can ask to learn more about the rental rates. Decorate your yard with flowers and lights Combine fairy lights and bridal flowers to create a glitzy, wedding magazine cover look for your yard. Match your bridal flower choices to the flowers in your backyard, so keep to Australian natives if you have them in the yard and roses if you have a more cottage garden backyard. Hire a photo booth Make sure to get lots of casual snaps of your wedding guests goofing have fun with a photo booth. It’s a great way to get some surprises after the day for the bride and groom who are so focused and excited they might miss some of the fun their guests are...

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Beginner’s Guide to Balloon Twisting for Parties

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Balloon twisting is always popular with children and is a relative easy way for a non professional to provide some entertainment at a kids party. Purchase, hire or borrow a good quality balloon pump. You don’t want your balloon pump breaking halfway through the party when only half the kids have gotten their balloon animals. Consider the age and gender of the children when you are planning what balloon creations you provide as well as any party themes. Offering a smaller selection of balloon creations will let you practise and perfect your designs. Smaller children often like teddybears and zoo animals, older boys often like pirate hats and balloon swords and older girls often like princess crowns, flowers and butterflies. Take the number of children at the party and multiply by 6. This is in the minimum amount of balloons you should purchase. Get a mix of colours, balloon lengths and finishes to offer a mix of designs (metallic and lustre finishes are fantastic for crown designs). Balloons are usually available at party supply stores and can also be purchased online if you plan ahead. Also purchase some sharpies to add facial features to your animals and identifying marks to similar designs to avoid arguments between the kids. Practise beforehand using video tutorials. The knots in particular are important to muster as after tying tens or hundreds of balloons poor knot tying techniques will leave you with red and sore fingers. A good basic shape to start with is the dog, which can be easily modified into other animal like the giraffe. Pay particular care to how you write on the balloons with sharpies as there is a knack to applying enough pressure to create marks without popping the balloons. Get a friend or partner to offer honest assessments of your best designs so you know which ones to offer. On the day of the party set up a chair and side table to store your balloons and pump while you are working. Get another adult to help with keeping the kids in a queue and have some other activities going at the same time such as face painting or crafting activities. As a beginner it may be hard to concentrate and complete your designs if you are being swarmed by eager partygoers. Finally remember to take lots of photos before the balloon pop to give you some memories of the day. For more tips on entertaining kids at party functions, talk to professionals such as Herring Colin...

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Three Party Equipment Ideas For Your Childs Special Day

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Having a party for a child can be pretty stressful. Trying to guess what they’d enjoy can be a nightmare. It’s made even harder if you’re trying to do something really special that your child won’t forget. One of the biggest bumps in the road when trying to organise something is the cost.   Setting up a fully decorated area to your child’s preference can run up some serious costs. Not to mention the venue hire if that’s the route you’re taking. Luckily there is an option which is cheaper and can greatly improve your child’s experience. That option is renting party equipment.   Renting party equipment is efficient on a number of levels, because you might not have the room to store all of the equipment. Your child might even lose interest in the themed equipment by the time it comes to using it again. Hence, here are three pieces of party hire equipment which can make your child’s party extra special.  Marquee Hire  This is an overlooked party item which can actually make a huge difference. If you’re planning on having an outdoors party then hiring a marquee is the perfect option. Not only does it keep the event weather proof but it also adds a level of fantasy for children.  Marquees are cheap to hire and a great way of providing a cool down area for children playing in the heat outside. They also keep the elements out so that you can eat and drink in peace.   Candy Bar  Children love candy and having one of these will certainly make your child popular. The candy comes presented on a beautifully themed table with more candy than the children could ever hope to eat. Some rental companies even offer free take home bags for the children to bring candy home with them.   If candy isn’t your thing then a popcorn or candy floss machine might be. These are great because they provide added entertainment for the children as they watch the popcorn popping; or they can even have a go at making candy floss themselves.   Slushie Machine  What better way for the children to cool down and stay hydrated. Slushie machines can be rented for the day and come with everything needed to make them work and create tasty slushies. With a variety of flavours available, there will be something for everyone.  Alcohol can be added to the machine for the adults to enjoy as well. This means that many cocktails can be made. The machines have multiple cylinders which separate the different flavours, meaning that an adult can add alcohol to only one flavour. That way both adults and children can enjoy the slushies. For more information, contact a company like Dancetime Party...

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